Sensemaking, Data & Decision Making

In this half-day masterclass, executives will get an introduction to a range of sensemaking techniques and develop an understanding of how they can help in formulating meaningful problems from complex business situations.  These techniques have helped organisations achieve better business outcomes. Contact us to find out more.

Some of the highlights of this course include


What is sensemaking & Why do you need it?

To begin this masterclass, we first look at how decision making is typically undertaken in organisations. We then work to come to a shared understanding of what sensemaking is, how it differs from a more traditional approach, and how it can be used to enhance the decision-making process in your organisation.

Ambiguity, Uncertainty & Psychological barriers

Having built the base, we move to a deeper dive into the why decision making and problem formulation is so hard in many organisations. We dissect the different types of decisions and end by bringing it back to the human level with discussions on cognitive biases & ambiguity intolerance.

Wicked Problems & Asking the right questions

What are powerful questions? How can we use these to help us drive true organisational change and business outcomes? In this section we move from understanding what is to how we can deal with complex, complicated & ‘wicked’ problems with the knowledge acquired in this masterclass.