We teach and apply a range of techniques tackle complex problems in organisations. Do get in touch to explore how we can collaborate to enhance processes and outcomes for your organisation.


Kailash Awati is co-founder and principal of Sensanalytics. He has worked in a wide range of roles in organisations ranging from start-ups to multinationals, in which he tested and tweaked the methods he now teaches and applies as a part of his consulting practice. His recent work includes:

  • Establishing a sustainable and reliable offshoring capability for a large organisation.
  • Facilitating collaborative problem solving workshops for managers and employees in a large multinational.
  • Formulating a data analytics strategy for a large organisation.
  • Using methods of predictive analytics to improve marketing and sales processes in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Using methods of sensemaking and analytics to establish a culture of data-driven process improvement in a large IT service management organisation.
  • Teaching techniques of predictive and text analytics to internal IT staff in a large organization.
  • Developing methods of extracting useful quantitative metrics from unstructured data (survey and employee comments).
  • Improving decision-making capabilities of project and operational teams.
  • Navigating teams through organisational transformations.
  • Improving communication in large, geographically distributed projects.
  • Developing flexible technical architectures for business intelligence and analytics

Apart from analytics and sensemaking, Kailash’s interests and experience include project management, enterprise architecture, business intelligence, risk analysis and knowledge management.

He is the author of the critically acclaimed Eight to Late blog and co-author of the award-winning business book, The Heretic’s Guide to Best Practices.

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