Introduction to Data Science

In this half-day masterclass, participants will leave with a solid understanding of the landscape of the new world and umbrella term that is ‘Data Science’.

This course draws relevant examples from the industry (and related industries) of our participants to supplement theory, history and discussion of the very latest trends and technologies that data driven organisations are harnessing to reap huge business rewards.

Some of the highlights of this course include



How does Data Science fit in among the world of traditional Business Intelligence & Business Analytics? What do the terms Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science and the like really mean in a practical business sense?

In this section we set the scene, break down the jargon and cut to the chase so you are able to talk the talk and understand when external parties may be attempting to overload you with technical acronyms.


Types of Data Science & The Myth of The Data Science ‘Unicorn’

In this section we break down ‘Data Science’ into its core components before moving into one of the most well known ones, Machine Learning. Here we will introduce you to the popular notion of the Data Science Unicorn and why it may be a misleading proposition for your organisation.

We will briefly cover some of the major types of Machine Learning algorithms and how they may be used in a practical business sense. We will draw from historical examples as well as modern, relevant examples to the job function & industry of our participants.


The lifecycle of a typical Data Science project

In this section we provide an overview of some of the industry standard processes and frameworks for conducting data science projects. This should give participants a feel for the major stages in a typical project, the kind of deliverables that should be expected and how this kind of project may differ from more traditional projects & project management methodologies.

Building Data Science capabilities in your organisation

We conclude the masterclass by bringing it back to the element at the heart of this; the organisation. We bust some well-sung myths about what you do and do not need to begin harnessing the power of Data Science in your organisation and provide a practical step-by-step guide for how you can begin to build the Data Science capability of your organisation.