Data Science for IT Managers

Being an IT Manager in the early 21st Century is a challenge because of the rapidly changing technology landscape.

Apart from EaaS (Everything as a Service) paradigm – which (in principle) obviates the need for large capital investments in software and hardware – there is a fundamental change in the way data is perceived by the organisation.

Most IT managers are under pressure from their customers who are keen to leverage cool new technologies that they read about in trade journals – marketing analytics, customer analytics etc.

The Question for the IT Manager is:

where do I start?

There are many large consultancies who are more than willing to sell you their services and wares (at a high cost, of course). However, in our experience, these often lead to frustration and vendor lock-in.

Our 3 day Introduction to Data Science for IT Managers is aimed at IT Managers who want to understand what Data Science can do for them and how they can get started on their journey in a low-cost, high-impact manner…all without burning tens (or hundreds!) of thousands dollars on expensive consultants and software. Most important, what you learn in this course will enable you to call BS on your Big Four consultant who is  trying to sell you software or consulting that will be less than useful.  Unlike most consultants who are looking to lock in customers into long, expensive engagements, our philosophy at Sensanalytics is to teach you enough so that you will no longer need us.

1-3 Day Courses

Day 1

  • Introduction & Overview
  • What is predictive analytics, data science & machine learning?
  • Different types of machine learning
  • The process of building & testing a machine learning model
  • Introduction to your coding environment

Day 2

  • Hands on introduction to key machine learning applications with applications drawn from participants’ industries.
  • The data science technology stack and your options as a tech manager.
  • Text and social media analytics.
  • Data governance and ethics.

Day 3

  • Capstone project – bring together what you have learned! Students begin to develop a data science strategy for their organisations.
  • Where to from here? Successfully bringing your new skills into the workplace.