Data Science & Decision Making for Finance Professionals

The day-to-day work of finance professionals is changing due to the availability of large datasets in their organisations. These datasets are often difficult to analyse using the workhorse of finance – the spreadsheet.  Our 3 to 5 day Hands on Machine Learning for Finance Professionals is aimed at finance professionals who are looking for a introduction to the methods of data science that is both practical and comprehensible. Our course covers the basics of data exploration, visualisation and modelling using popular open source languages. Moreover, we not only teach you enough to get started on doing data science in your workplace, we also cover important aspects of the craft that most of our competitors overlook.

1-3 Day Courses

Day 1

  • Introduction & Overview
  • What is predictive analytics, data science & machine learning?
  • Different types of machine learning
  • The process of building & testing a machine learning model
  • Introduction to your coding environment

Day 2

  • Practical exercises in regression models
  • Practical exercises in classification models
  • Practical exercises in clustering models
  • Other algorithms as relevant.

Day 3

  • Capstone project – bring together what you have learned! Students can bring their own data and a work problem to work on.
  • Where to from here? Successfully bringing your new skills into the workplace.