Corporate Training

Sensanalytics offers two to five day corporate training programs aimed at building critical sensemaking and data science capabilities within medium and large organisations. Our courses teach practical techniques aimed at:

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    Improving decision-making under conditions of high uncertainty and ambiguity.
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    Formulating and solving meaningful business problems using methods of machine learning and text analytics.
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    Developing the capacity of teams to cope with (and thrive!) in complex and disruptive business environments.

Unlike conventional corporate training programs, our practice-oriented courses, include a “bring your problem to class” session on the last day. This session, in which we work with participants to formulate an approach to solving their specific problem,  is designed to give participants hands on practice in using the techniques they have learnt – on a business-relevant problem –  as soon as they return to their workplace. You should expect demonstrable value from your training dollars. With us, you will receive it.

As an added bonus, Sensanalytics offers 2 hours of free consulting over the phone / chat for up to one month after the class. These consulting hours can be used to clarify concepts covered in class or ask questions pertaining to the project formulated in class. Contact us now for a no-obligation discussion on how we can best work with your organisation.