About Us

Kailash Awati

(PhD Physics, PhD Chemical Engineering)

Kailash Awati is a staff member at the UTS Connected Intelligence Centre where he teaches into the Master of Data Science and Innovation program. Prior to these roles, he worked for a pharmaceutical multinational where he set up a global IT service center specializing in business intelligence and data analytics while working as an enabler across the business.

Over the last several years, Kailash has worked as a business intelligence manager, data analytics specialist, facilitator & sensemaker, project manager and engineering software developer in organisations ranging from startups to established firms. Earlier, in what seems to him like another life, he did research in fluid dynamics and other areas of physics and applied mathematics.

His current professional interests which include data and text analytics, decision making, sensemaking, knowledge management and collaborative approaches to problem solving in large organisations.

Kailash is the co-author of the Heretic’s Guides series of books. The first one, Heretic’s Guide to Best Practices, deals with collaborative approaches to managing complex problems. It won an Axiom Business Book Award in 2012 and was nominated for the Foreword Book of the Year Award in 2013. His second book, The Heretic’s Guide to Management, is about managing ambiguity in organisations.

Alex Scriven

(BCom, BSc (Biotech), MDSI)

Alex holds bachelor’s degrees in Commerce (Finance, Business Strategy & Economics) and Science (Biotechnology) and has completed a Masters in Data Science and Innovation. He has previous experience as a Digital Marketing Executive for where he focused on digital analytics for companies such as OPSM, Microsoft and IBM. He has previously worked as a tutor, tutor-in-charge and lecturer in microeconomics at the University of New South Wales where he was awarded the business school tutor of the year award in 2016. He also currently holds a position of research fellow in the UNSW School of Economics working on data science applications to improve student learning outcomes.

Alex has a great passion for entrepreneurship and helping businesses grow through strategic use of data and sensemaking for decision making. He holds a Diploma in Innovation Management and has extensive experience and involvement in the startup scene through working for incubators, hosting and competing in hackathons and mentoring several startups.